Domain & Hosting Service

Every online business needs an effective hosting solution

When considering all of the benefits of web hosting, you might be surprised at how many there actually are. Basically, web hosting is simply a service provided by various hosting firms. They then host your site files so they're available online. Think of it this way.

You've got a bunch of files on your hard drive, and when you need to access them (like for example uploading a picture) you just open the file in an Internet browser. This is called "domain name" hosting. The problem with domain name hosting is that the name you choose is essentially your web address. If you don't pick a good one the other Internet service providers will see it as spam. This can hurt you when trying to build up a client list or get a new website online.

An era of AWS, GCP and Azure

In case you haven't heard yet, Cloud Computing is the hottest topic in today's web industry. No wonder AWS, one of the leaders in cloud computing is seeing an overwhelming growth in its business. As AWS sees this surge in business, it is investing in more advanced tools to streamline management of its massive datacenter. One such tool is its suite of tools called the AWS-GCP-Azure. This article will give an overview of the importance of hosting in an environment with AWS.

The two primary components of an online data center are servers and websites. Today's trend is moving toward a more hybrid approach with applications running on the AWS cloud as well as web hosting services hosted on the AWS infrastructure. The availability of AWS-GCP-Azure is a big step forward in this evolution. This article will show you why the addition of a domain & hosting service like AWS-GCP-Azure is important for organizations looking to accelerate growth and improve performance.

AWS-GCP-Azure makes it easy to manage your AWS resources, such as ECM (Electronic Console), IaaS (igentive Application Server), and SaaS (Software as a Service) with the familiar dashboard interface from AWS. This simplifies the complex task of managing AWS and SaaS. You no longer need to coordinate and manage the details of AWS account, security group, etc. With the AWS-GCP-Azure, all you need to worry about is the domain name, the URL, and your secure key pair. There is even less hassle with the auto setup and pre-installed DNS server that AWS provides.

Domain is the solid unique identity of your brand

A valid omain name registration is that it gives you personality and recognized identity to your business. Once you register a domain name through a recognized registrar, the information about its owner is publicly available. The price for a domain name registration varies greatly on its extension.

variety of domain extensions that we provide :

  • .com
  • .in
  • .edu
  • .org
  • .net
  • and others