Web Development

Making web pages dynamic with development process

Web Development is the activity involved in creating a Web site, usually for the Internet or an intranet, such as a personal network. Web development may range from creating a simple single text file of just text to very complicated Web-oriented programs, electronic stores, and social networking services. Web development has become increasingly important in the information age. Web sites are used to share documents with other users and for business promotion, product promotion, education, entertainment, and other purposes.

Web developers use various techniques to create dynamic websites. The most popular technique used is known as client-side scripting, or simply as scripting. In client-side scripting, a programmer creates the source code that is run by the browser, as opposed to having the client- side software to read it into memory when it is requested. JavaScript is most common language for this example.

PHP: the game changer

Web developers create websites in two different styles: HTML and PHP. Both use hypertext markup language that allows a document to be rendered in its proper form on the Internet. HTML, or Hypertext Markup Language, is what is used for creating documents that can be viewed on a computer screen. On the other hand, PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is what is used to control how the information is interpreted within the back-end management system.

PHP has some advantages over HTML, such as support for client-side scripting and client-side integration with the operating system, browser, and various databases. One of the most important aspects of PHP is that it is an open source program. This means that anyone, from the programmers to the highest-level users, can download and modify it to improve the functionality of their websites.

Extended support with large set of databases

When web developers are developing websites, they must take care to add all of the necessary features to their PHP scripts. These necessary features include but are not limited to, database support, CGI support, error reporting facilities, efficient server implementation, security measures, and more. Some of these features are provided by the operating system itself, such as the curl program and My SQL. Others must be purchased through third-party software vendors.

Lots of developers used web server like Apache and PHP to render dynamic web pages. When a company chooses to develop a website using this type of scripting language, it is recommended that they hire a professional company that specializes in this area. The sole purpose of hiring a professional to develop your dynamic web page or application server is to ensure that you have the most efficient computer application possible.

Our Web development work includes, these important core services.

PHP (Laravel & Codeigniter)
React / Angular / Vue.js