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Graphics Designing is the process of artistic visual communication via the creation of graphic icons, typography, photography and other illustration. The field is often thought of as a subset of the graphic communication and visual arts, but at times the term graphic design is also used synonymously with web design. Though they are similar in many aspects, web design and graphic design are two different concepts. On the other hand, graphic design pertains to creating illustrations, logos, and other visual illustrations for display purposes only. A UI UX Design combines the two.

The idea of UI-UX design was first conceptualized in the early nineties, as a means to unite art and science. Unlike the old graphics designing concept, UI-UX Design concentrates more on the aesthetics of a graphic and less on its technical aspects. It has been found to be an easy way to work within the constraints of the current design aesthetics. The principles of UI-UX Design are actually the same principles that governed the emergence of computer animation. Both of them deal with the interaction of two or more elements through images and texts.

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For the conceptualization of UI-UX design, it was important to study traditional visual communication designs, especially the use of icons, typography and images in print media. They were studied not only to gain a better understanding on the principles of graphic designing, but also to gain a better appreciation for the human visual system. With this information, the need for a new visual communication design emerged. The resulting need led to the invention of user interface symbols and images.

A great variety of layouts were introduced into the market, each with their own unique purpose. However, it was found that most customers tend to ignore the utility of these symbols and images and concentrate more on the appearance of a graphic design. The graphic designers had to learn to make use of the various available resources, including text, icons, layout and color in order to provide a better visual experience for their clients. A better visual experience is one that makes the viewer more aware of the details of what they are seeing and allows them to make a better judgment on the content of the design.

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