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How online pharmacy app helps chemist, to reach large audiences

From a mere 5% share in 1969, the Indian pharmaceuticals have grown to a whopping 85% share in the Indian market and reduced the global pharma to 15% from 95%. Not only is it meeting the local needs but also making a mark for itself in the landscape of the global pharmaceutical. Today, India has […]

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Server related things for PHP Developers

As a developer, we should also check at the server’s end to minimize the possibility to exploit our applications and try to make it harder to crack. So here we provide some useful information that we should look at once.   1) Server Signature: It’s a public identification of your server and holds important data […]

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jQuery-Ajax-Standard Usage Guidelines

Often developer uses jQuery & AJAX to update parts of a web page or send data to check some business logic, without reloading the whole page (also known as Asynchronous Update). We can handle proper success and error message as per the server’s response using jqXHR, exception parameters. Have a look at the demo jQuery […]

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