How online pharmacy app helps chemist, to reach large audiences

How online pharmacy app helps, chemist, to reach large audiences

From a mere 5% share in 1969, the Indian pharmaceuticals have grown to a whopping 85% share in the Indian market and reduced the global pharma to 15% from 95%. Not only is it meeting the local needs but also making a mark for itself in the landscape of the global pharmaceutical. Today, India has a 20% by value contribution to the global generic market and 40% by volume contribution to the US drugs.

The Covid-19 crisis has proved as an amazing opportunity for the Indian pharmaceuticals and even brought the online pharmacy in sharp fore. The lockdown has made the online pharmacy raise its credibility and demand go notches higher. Most pharmaceuticals and chemists are just rising up to the benefits of a medicine delivery app online. For the unawares, we highlight the few ways it helps them expand their reach, especially to large audiences.


  • Quick and easy access

The convenience of the customers is always a top priority. The online pharmacy app and online pharmacy website makes it a breeze for any consumer to order medicines conveniently from their smartphones or computers. Moreover, they can order it any time according to their convenience. Many may not be in a condition to walk down to the nearest pharmacy and a few would like to refrain from it, given the Covid-19 pandemic. Some have a local brick and mortar pharmacy shop at quite a distance from their home. Ordering medicines online proves a boon to them.


  • Ease of use

No matter which part of the globe you reside, easy usability is what hooks you to any product or services. Online pharmacy apps do the exact for you. Not only is its interface extremely attractive and sleek but it is also effortless to use. You can easily upload your prescription, browse the medicines, search for any specific medicine, and order easily. You have various means of payment, saved prescriptions, saved medicines list, and plenty of other features that take away plenty of consumer’s pain of procuring medicines. It makes the sales for any chemist go up naturally.


  • Order tracking and inventory management for chemists

Effective inventory management is a key need for any chemist. Most medicine delivery apps boast of effective inventory management software that not only tracks all orders and shipments but also helps them keep track of their inventory and requirement of medicines. A feature-rich sales and distribution software, a powerful cloud-based CRM software, integration of an effective supply chain system are features that make the pharma app, the best arsenal to streamline the business.


  • Full product details at one-go for buyers

An excellent feature of a pharmaceutical app is that it makes accessible immense knowledge about prescription drugs as well as any other medicines and wellness products and supplements. This enhanced level of awareness builds trust and confidence amongst the customers and they feel confident about ordering any medicine.

In case they do not get any specific medicine, they do not hesitate in ordering its generic alternative because they know that its chemical composition and action would be the same.

  • Easy checkout with multiple payment options

Like any other eCommerce sites and apps; pharma apps facilitate easy checkout and are supported with multiple payment options. Moreover, few things like credit card information can be saved for easier and faster future transactions. You even have your orders and invoices saved for easy reordering. Ordering from these apps as easy as you would find ordering from sites and apps like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.


  • Fast and hassle-free delivery

The success of any e-commerce app and site is dependent on how fast a product is delivered at the doorsteps of the customer and pharma apps are no exception. Most of these owners have tie-ups with the leading delivery service providers and even local shops. With incentives like reduced prices, attractive discounts, and free shipping, ordering medicines have never been easier.


Wrapping up

These are just a few of the advantages that a pharma app offers to the chemists and above all, the customers. It empowers both of them alike. It helps the chemists serve a broader base of customers and change the way the medicines reach them. Given the present scenario, it can be stated that pharma apps are the future of the medicine world.