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Online pharmacy app

In the modern era, the way that people are living and working is changed dramatically. With all junks and sedentary lifestyle, the risk of infectious diseases due to low immunity and other health issues increases day by day. 


To overcome this situation, scientists made rapid progress in identifying disease-causing microbes & researching new medicinal molecule to prevent illnesses. And therefore pharmaceutical market size is constantly growing with News of Global Pharmaceutical sales projected to reach USD 177.7 Million by 2025-26 from somewhere around USD 49.7 Million in 2018. I must say Golden Time for Pharma Industry by Pharmacy delivery app!

[Ref: https://www.fortunebusinessinsights.com/industry-reports/epharmacy-market-100238]


So How Community Level Pharmacies can best utilise this Golden Time for their growth? In this tough competition, the simple answer is work for 24Hrs when others are sleeping.


So start working 24Hrs. I will explain how? 

In Present digital era, Lot of people having a smartphone but usually with a shortage of time, rely on the internet for most of their needs. Being a pharmacy Owner, your digital presence of 24Hrs can be helpful to make an online purchase in every health issues. This is a key advantage over offline Pharmacy Store where you get customer/patient only in business hours.


Ways to be present online?

You can be with all social media platform but most effective way is through E-Pharmacy Website and/or Online pharmacy app where you can highlight all available medicine & medical equipment at your pharmacy. 


Due to Covid-19 pandemic, people nowadays avoid visiting pharmacy & to be in a line waiting for their turn to get medicine. Instead, they can visit pharmacy website/app at their preferred time for all their medicinal needs, can find out desired medicine, read drug description, pharmaceutical usage, side effects etc where all these are not possible in physical Pharmacy. Especially for old-aged & physically challenged person online Pharmacy proved to be a boon. 


With Website and Mobile App your pharmacy not only being present online all the time but you can build your brand by allowing other pharmacies to join your website, get a larger audience with attractive offers & and make effective marketing by delivering prescription medicine nationwide. 


We, Emaad Infotech® – registered web development company since 2014, have expertise in developing a user-friendly website, Cross-Platform UI/UX Mobile App, Logo Designing, Content Writing and providing Digital Marketing Services. 

With the help of industry experts, Emaad Infotech® have innovatively developed Mobile Responsive  E-Pharmacy Website and Android-iOS Mobile App with full-fledged Admin Panel & seller panel to manage live Pharmacy website/app easily.


Online medicine delivery app


As consumers nowadays are increasingly moving toward the digital mode of transaction, small or large scaled pharmacies need to maximize the benefits of having a strong online presence. If you are looking to expand Pharmacy business and meanwhile growing up as well-known Pharmacy brand, our search engine friendly clean coded E-Pharmacy Application and Website will be a right portal to have an eye on it. Built-in PHP Codeigniter, one of the lightest framework along with Jquery Ajax for faster click response. Developed fully in-house so preferred customization can be done easily and quickly.



User Roles & Workflow of our E-Pharmacy Portal


Based on the Workflow, there are 3 mainly user roles: 


[1] Patient/Customer

[2] Pharmacist

[3] Admin


[1] Customer Panel : 


(a) Quick Signup : Users can sign up with a few details like name, email and mobile number. A verification email will be sent for account approval.

(b) Manage Profile : Allows users to manage their contact details, an account password, delivery addresses, past orders, uploaded prescription, schedule Refill, Wishlist and reviews. 

(c) One-Click Search : Search prescribed medicine from Advance search either category wise or by keyword.

(d) Know Before You Buy : User can read description & review about medicine and compare prices of different brands.

(e) Add to Cart : Select the required quantity, enter zipcode & add to Cart.

(f) Prescription Upload : User can upload a valid prescription to confirm medicine. Mobile user can upload just by clicking snap.

(g) Promo & Coupons : Promo code can be applied to receive an extra discount.

(h) Checkout : Make an online payment with multiple payment options.

(i) Instant Notification : User can be notified instantly via SMS or email by system integrated notification.

(j) Live Order Tracking : With Real-time notification, User can live monitor ordered medicine from packing to successful delivery.

(k) Easy Refill Order : Medicines can be reordered with just one click to conserve valuable time.



[2] Seller Panel : 


(a) Quick Registration : Pharmacist or In-charge Manager can do easy registration by providing all simple info to site Admin.

(b) Manage Profile : Pharmacist manage profile by keeping the latest info on E-Pharmacy Web/App.

(c) Add Products : Pharmacist can either add new products or choose from already listed products in the system for quick listing.

(d) Manage Products Details : Easy product details update & relevant multiple image upload.

(e) Manage Prices & Inventory : Sellers can set their own price range & stock of every product even if added from the already listed product.

(f) Order Notification : Seller gets real-time notification via SMS and Email for every successful order with Digital Prescription.

(g) Manage Delivery Partners : Seller can select preferred Delivery Partner for shipment to deliver ordered medicine.

(h) View Rate & Review : User can provide feedback for all over services by rating and review.



[3] Admin Panel : 


(a) User Management : With a secure database, The authenticated patient / User data is stored protected, and only limited access is given to the seller to manage the order. User Wish list and Refills can be accessible.

(b) Product Management & Approval : Admin can manage all listed products, product inventory and rating & reviews. Along with products, each and every piece of content needs admin approval before go live.

(c) Content Management : All Contents are handled for the web/app that includes FAQs, terms and conditions & policies.

(d) Coupons & Offers : To attract more customers, Admin can create discount coupons and offers for the customers as best deals.

(e) Order Management : admin can manage all the orders placed and update it as the order process progresses. Can Download uploaded prescription for reference.

(f) Live order tracking : Admin can track all orders and can notify the user for the current status of the order.

(g) Medication Guides : Admin can create guiding blogs about the latest research on health and medicine for valuable customers. Blogs can also be used for upcoming product advertising purpose.

(h) Marketing Tool : With customizable email template, Admins can manage advertising with marketing emails.



Advance Features: 


Apart from the readymade above main features, some advance features can be intermingled to make website or app more appealing & user-friendly.


(a) Online Consultation : With this feature, users can directly chat with pharmacist or health experts within the app.

(b) Medical Store Locator : In case of urgency, Users can find nearby Registered Medical store to fulfil their need.

(c) Book Lab Services : User can make online bookings for lab tests and other diagnostic reports for convenience.

(d) Pill Reminder : Patient can easily schedule a reminder for taking medicine timely.

(f) Doctor Appointment : Patient can get an online appointment to visit for registered practitioners.

(g) In-app Wallet : Discounts can be provided as cashback into the wallet, cashback can be utilised in next purchase.

(f) Home Nursing Care : Registered nursing professionals can be hired for home nursing care for a limited time or particular illness.



Why Choose us for Online Pharmacy delivery app


(a) Quick & Free Installation : We have pre-built E-Pharmacy base code ready with us. We do Quick server and website installation to get you started promptly if no customization required.

(b) App Deployment : As needed, We will deploy Android and iOS app on Google play store and Apple store respectively.

(c) Complete Customization : Our E-Pharmacy website and Mobile App is completely customizable and can be modified as per different country rules & with unique features as per the requirement to make it stand out among the rest. 

(d) Clean Code : W3C compliance robust coding, tested by experts for bugs & issues.

(e) Responsive UI/UX Design : Website automatically adjusts as per screen size, Designed with the user-friendly interface.

(d) Domain-Hosting : We offer Free Domain & Hosting for the 1st year.

(e) SSL Certificate included (HTTPS Secure)

(f) Technical support: Post-launch, it requires periodic maintenance to ensure that it runs smoothly. We provide 1-year free technical support.

(g) 99.99% server uptime guaranteed.

(h) Single Seller (Budget-friendly) and Multi-Seller E-Pharmacy facility available.

(i) Free International Payment Gateway Integration : Free integration of your preferred payment gateway with multi-currency support for global reach.

(j) Post Launch free Tele-Demo to make you understand the functionality of the Website/App & Admin Panel.