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Launch your branded online medicine delivery app

In the modern era, the way that people are living and working is changed dramatically. With all junks and sedentary lifestyle, the risk of infectious diseases due to low immunity and other health issues increases day by day.    To overcome this situation, scientists made rapid progress in identifying disease-causing microbes & researching new medicinal […]

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Why it is now must to have an online medicine delivery app for medical store

For the owner of a pharmacy, it is vital to attract more customers. However, it is not an easy task as with the growing competition attracting new customers while retaining the old is difficult. Thus for this crisis, having an online medicine delivery app will be the best solution. An online medicine app from a […]

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How online pharmacy app helps chemist, to reach large audiences

From a mere 5% share in 1969, the Indian pharmaceuticals have grown to a whopping 85% share in the Indian market and reduced the global pharma to 15% from 95%. Not only is it meeting the local needs but also making a mark for itself in the landscape of the global pharmaceutical. Today, India has […]

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Market of online pharmacy in India

How to Get Your Local Pharmacy Online in India There is a lot of hype over the Internet as a major determinant for the growth of the Indian pharmaceutical market. This article will provide you with an overview of the topic to give you an idea of how it affects you, your business and your […]

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Need of online medicine delivery app in 2020

The last step before ordering anything on the Internet is to know where to compare prices and options. A pharmacy is a place to start when looking for a new drug. Online pharmacy app is also known as pharmacy shopping or doctor’s prescription shopping. These two forms of shopping are quite different from the usual […]

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