Real Estate Script can help you Attract Significant Customers?

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With increasing income, urbanization, and economic growth, the demand for residential and commercial properties has significantly increased.

Real Estate Market: Trends & Analysis

  • The real estate market in India, as per the recent survey, is likely to grow to Rs 65,000 Cr. by 2040. And it’s showing no signs of stopping even on an international level.
  • As per a new report by Grand View Research, Inc, the global real estate market is expected to increase the revenue nearly USD 4,263.7 billion by the next five years.
  • The growing urbanization, lower rents, mortgage rates, and government reforms are also responsible for the increase in revenue generation for the real estate markets.

Isn’t it huge?

But the question is – Why would anyone want to buy their property from you only despite having key players on the market?

This is where the importance of property management apps comes in!!


Importance of a Real Estate Website and Mobile App

Did you know?

1 out of 4 people uses a real estate script app to find and buy their dream space.

Real estate, right from the start, has long been a profitable business, and now with the evolution of smartphones, it has gained a strong foothold.

Gone are the days when homebuyers used to consult multiple agents to get the right property.

People can now find properties using their mobile devices.

According to market reports, “More than 90% of the agencies have their real estate websites with property listings”.

If you want to dominate the market, however, building a website may not enough!

Besides a fully-optimized site, you have to have a custom mobile app to grow your business.


Why should you opt for the Real estate website or Mobile app?

The real estate software app, as you could see, is incredibly important for your business. Let’s discuss its benefits.

  • Gives a complete knowledge of property
  • Captivating Property views
  • Drives user engagement and positive conversions.
  • Simplifies communication among Developer, broker and property buyers
  • Clearer Property Insights
  • 24/7 connection with customers

Do you think that’s enough without including important features?


You must include the following features to make your app successful.


Important Features of a Real Estate website or Mobile app

Here’s the list of features your app should have.


  1. User On-boarding: One of the most basic features of a real estate app is having users on-board and it must be simple and hassle-free.
  • Email authorization
  • Social media authorization
  • Phone verification

To allow users to sign up for your app, you can choose any of the above methods.

But, combining all the above options would provide flexibility and convenience to the users, making the process quite easy.


  1. Search-Engine Friendly: If you want your app to rank on the top of search results, you need to make your app SEO-friendly.

By merely putting the right keywords, the user can get the desired details. Make sure you include filter features (including location, number of rooms, type of property (bungalow, office, apartment, etc.), rent or buy, terrace, size, price, the age of the property, parking facilities) of any real estate app.


  1. Admin Panel: Make sure your admin panel includes these three functions;
  • Report section: This section helps the admin to manage the requests related to the addition and deletion of the property.
  • Property Management: This would help manage the databases with the existing information with ease.
  • Document verification: When a user made their mind to buy any property, the admin must verify all the documents before carrying out any further process.


  1. For Android & iOS: Make sure your real estate script app must be compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. This would allow the users to access your app from their smartphones running on different operating systems.


  1. Customer Support: The admin is responsible for maintaining the authenticity of the app. Make sure your app must answer all questions and resolve the issues of the users. The customer support of your app should make the users feel reliable.


Final Thoughts

Adding the above features may offer a seamless experience to your customers.

If you’re new to the world of mobile apps, consider a professional app development company that can do it for you without breaking your bank.